Hughes, Vickie DSN, MSN, BSN, CNS

Nursing leadership differs from general leadership due to the influence of clinical practice. Simply put, nurse leaders have a responsibility to influence and improve the healthcare practice environment.1 But, what exactly are the characteristics of great nurse leaders? Let's review the recent research...

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A search of CINAHL, PubMed, and Google Scholar for the terms “characteristics, great, nurse, leaders” from February 2006 through February 2016 yielded 58,994 articles. The search was narrowed to include only peer-reviewed journals, research, English-only articles, and full text available online. Abstracts were reviewed for relevance, and duplicate studies were removed from the search. Studies that didn't specifically address characteristics of nurse leaders were eliminated. The reference lists of selected studies were also reviewed for possible inclusion. A total of 10 published studies met the inclusion criteria for this review.


Read the rest of the article here:  Nursing Management: September 2017 - Volume 48 - Issue 9 - p 16–24   doi: 10.1097/01.NUMA.0000522171.08016.29

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