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Funnybone 0 Interview with The Murses. By Ian Miller @thenursepath · On August 12, 2015

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Interview with The Murses.

The Murses’ is a video originally posted way back in 2011 by a group of six (then) student nurses in California who were given the nickname ‘The Murses’ by fellow classmates.
I still think its a pretty funny video, so check it out…. and don’t forget to watch through to the bloopers at the end.

Shortly after the video was originally posted I managed to snag a short interview with one of the Murses.
I am assuming all the Murses completed their studies and are now 4 years post graduate, well into their nursing careers.
Whatever happened to that follow up movie guys?


First up, could you please tell us which one of the Murses you are? Are you still studying or postgraduate now, where are you located?

Well, my name is Michael Tillett, and I am the Murse in the video that stumbles upon our fallen friend (Sajid Anwar) and shouts “MURSES ASSEMBLE!” from the top of our nursing department building. I am currently still studying in my fourth semester at California State University, Stanislaus, and have about a year to go in my program (it’s a 3 year program! UGH!). CSU Stan is located in California, in a little town called Turlock.

How did you come to make the video?

Well, there are six guys in my class, and we all have the same sense of humor. We each get along really well, and have adopted the nickname “The Murses” from our other female classmates.
We’ve filmed short clips for homework projects and have presented them to the class, and have always gotten good feedback (and grades!) on them.
We’ve always had this running joke about how we should film a movie about us and make it all “epic-like,” such as in an exaggeration of a day in the life of a “Murse”. So one day, in between our semesters, we got together and decided to shoot it. We literally, in the same day, came up with a premise and plot, and shot it in succession. I took the raw footage home and got most of the editing finished that night.

I ran the edited product by the other Murses, made a few adjustments and we it posted a few days later. We each contributed something to the story of the video, and thanks to our buddy, Jian Salcedo’s amazing camera (he’s the murse playing guitar, and who is way too excited to start a foley on Saj), we were able to bring our vision to life. We decided to film it at our school, CSU Stan, and we primarily stayed within our nursing department building, which seemed fitting.

It looks like you had a pretty fun time making it. How long did the filming take?

We had WAY too much fun filming! The filming alone took only a day. We met that morning at around 9am, took about an hour to come up with a general timeline of events, and sort of made it up as we went along. Like I said before, we are all mostly on the same page as far as humor, so we’d try a scene and then one of us would say, “You know what? You should try it like this!” or “Wouldn’t it be funny if you said this?” We each just threw out input, and we all came up with it together.

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