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Nurse Advocacy Association is in the process of developing manuscript submissions through a submission service on another website. 

Nurse Advocacy Association will be publishing specific instructions and guidelines for submitting articles. These instructions and guidelines will be available in the near future.


Please check back with NAAToday to learn about submitting articles for publication.



Review Process

Peer-reviewing is an important component of the scientific process and the advancement of the scholarly knowledge. According to the Publications Research Consortium (2008), peer-review improves the quality of the published manuscripts, and provides a seal of approval that the manuscript meets specific standards.1 The review process maximizes quality while minimizing human bias and errors. Double-blind review processes enable the reviewer to focus on the quality of the submission while reducing human biases because the identities of the reviewers and the author(s) are not revealed. Citation count is a commonly used method for measuring research quality and influence. Typically, articles that are cited more frequently tend to be more influential. 


1Mark Ware, Peer review: Benefits, perceptions, and alternatives. PRC summary papers 4 (London: Publishing Research Consortium, 2008).

There are no articles posted yet. Please come back later.

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